When Non-Destructive Cleaning is Critical!


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As more businesses and public spaces are available to reopen and return to regular operations, it is important to make sure the necessary precautions are taken. Remediation for COVID-19 requires more than just basic cleaning. Everywhere we go, we are witnessing cleaning and disinfecting like never seen before. At the grocery store shopping carts are being wiped down, doorknobs and gas pumps are being cleaned, nearly any surface we may encounter is being maintained for cleanliness constantly. This routine is what allows people to feel safe going out in public.
Re-Man XL Sell Sheet Cover
In remanufacturing and rebuilding of engines, transmissions and any other components that can be rebuilt or remanufactured are highly dependent on cleaning products with thorough and dependable results. Before anything else can be done to the cores or components being rebuilt or remanufactured, it needs to be cleaned and inspected for defects. ARMEX has answered the problem of ineffective and time consuming cleaning processes with the introduction of Re-Man XL, the first abrasive blasting media specifically formulated for the remanufacturing and rebuilding industry.
Food and Beverage Cover
Looking for a more efficient and safer cleaning process? Abrasive vapor blasting with ARMEX offers the best solution for cleaning and decontamination in food and beverage facilities. The gentle physical propriety of baking soda but aggressive cleaning ability is what makes ARMEX the only choice. ARMEX is ideal for the toughest jobs, saves labor and water consumption all without the use of caustic or acid based cleaners. ARMEX is accepted as a NSF and USDA A1 cleaner and is suitable for use in all FDA-regulated facilities.
ARMEX Soda Blasting Media vs. Crushed Glass
How do you choose the best blasting technology to get the job done right? What are all the factors that need to be considered? Companies looking for the most cost-effective blasting abrasive often choose crushed glass, which offers a lower up-front cost. However, there are several hidden costs that are easy to overlook. It’s important to see the bigger picture and here are some of the key factors to consider.
Properly Dispose of ARMEX Soda Blasting Media
The disposal of spent ARMEX™ blast media waste is less costly and complex than waste disposal for other abrasive medias. On its own, ARMEX™ blast media is water-soluble, non-toxic and environmentally friendly - and is the only type of abrasive media that can be disposed within a traditional waste after proper testing has been completed.
ARMEX™ Verses Dry Ice
Abrasive blasting with sodium bicarbonate is a popular surface-cleaning technique, but there are equally popular alternatives as well. One alternative method is dry ice blasting.
The Proper Use of Soda Blasting Equipment Using ARMEX
While baking soda is a well-known cleaning agent, there are a few things to note before getting to work using ARMEX for soda blasting.
ARMEX uses in the Food & Beverage Industry
Did you know that ARMEX is a USDA A-1 approved cleaner for use in the Food & Beverage Industry? ARMEX is food safe environmentally safe and operator friendly and can be used in a variety of different cleaning applications.
How Abrasive Blasting Works with Armex
Cleaning is being done every day. Every wonder why or when Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) should be used for abrasive blasting? Read this technical article to learn more about the ARMEX difference.
Sodium Bicarbonate - The Softer Blasting Abrasive
ARMEX is the only solution for non-destructive cleaning because its hardness delivers energy along a substrate, rather than into it.
Vapor Blasting with ARMEX
When cleaning surfaces or substrates that cannot be damaged, the only blasting abrasive to use is ARMEX. For use on steel, aluminum, plastics, composites, wood, masonry and more!
Engine Builder: Green Strategies
Blasting materials such as ARMEX blast media are green, and safe, ways to clean engine parts. Baking soda won’t etch the surface of the parts being cleaned. It is very effective on aluminum, and can remove dirt, grease, oil and even paint.
Blast Cabinets: by Engine Builder Magazine
Knowing why you would use a wet machine over dry and knowing when siphon is better than direct pressure or visa-versa is required to make sure any custom engine builder gets the right machine the first time.
Sodium Bicarbonate: The User-Friendly Blasting Abrasive
Soda blasting is an environmentally responsible method to remove coatings and contaminants from a variety of substrates. Sodium Bicarbonate is non-hazardous, nontoxic, and biodegradable.
Is Non-Destructive Cleaning Critical?
Two of the most difficult cleaning jobs are fire and mold remediation, where non-destructive cleaning is critical. Soda blasting can dramatically reduce fire and mold remediation labor costs while maintaining the original surface of the substrates.
Automotive: The Art of Soda Blasting
Reduce restoration costs, remove surface corrosion, and heavy rust with ARMEX soda blasting materials.
Aerospace: Component Cleaning - The Solution for a New Century
ARMEX blast media reduces scrap rate by 90% saving thousands of dollars!
Petrochemical: Clean and depaint in and around your petrochemical plant without shutting down the work area!
Using ARMEX soda blast material in petrochemical plant cleaning, often without shutting down the work area.
Food Processing: Remove Grease, Oils, Carbon, Pricess Residue, Surface Corrosion and Paint!
Quickly clean FDA-regulated food processing facilities with ARMEX non-destructive cleaners.
Pulp & Paper: Make a Clean Getaway
De-painting and cleaning with easy non-toxic ARMEX soda blasting abrasive.