ARMEX Petrochemical Applications

Petrochemical Applications

ARMEX can be used in processing facilities and drill sites to allow cleaning and maintenance of equipment all without shutting down work areas. The non-thermal sparking properties of ARMEX cleans surface contaminants without damaging the underlying substrate. Use ARMEX to remove oil, dirt, surface corrosion, paint, grease, process residue and more from pumps, gas turbines, reciprocating compressors, fin fan coolers, plate and frame heat exchangers, valves, gauges, stainless steel and aluminum jacketing, concrete and more! Learn how to improve you maintenance and cleaning processes using ARMEX.

Petrochemical Cleaning Trail Summaries
Cleaning Description
8" .50" ID copper tubing
Stainless steel Johnson screens, 3 screens - 50' by 6'
Crude oil transfer metering skid, remove grease, grime, paint and corrosion from control equipment