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ARMEX Product Family
ARMEX Soda Blasting Products
Application: Fire Restoration
Fire Restoration
Mold: Before & After
Mold Before and After Soda Blasting
Application: Remanufacturing
Application: Graffiti Removal
Graffiti Removal
Application: Anilox Roll Cleaning
Anilox Roll Cleaning
Application: Engine Rebuilding
Engine Rebuilding with ARMEX
Application: Petrochemical Facility Cleaning
ARMEX Soda Blasting for Petrochemical Facilities
Application: Architecture
ARMEX Soda Blasting for Architectural Applications
Application: Food Production Equipment Cleaning
ARMEX Soda Blasting in the Food Production Industry
ARMEX Soda Blast Materials
ARMEX has a network of authorized distributors worldwide that sell portable and contained soda-blasting equipment systems, parts and accessories as well as the full line of ARMEX Formulas.


ARMEX has prepared case studies to show best practices when soda blasting. Click here to learn how to improve your current cleaning and blasting processes.

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30yr LogoARMEX™ is a brand of the Church & Dwight Co., Inc. makers of ARM & HAMMER™ products since 1846. Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) abrasive blasting originated in 1984 during the restoration project of the Statue of Liberty with the assistance of Church & Dwight. Project engineers were searching for a replacement for sand blasting. Baking soda was the answer, with its extraordinary cleaning and coating removal properties all while not causing any damage to Lady Liberty’s delicate copper skin. At the completion of the project over 200,000 pounds of ARM & HAMMER™ baking soda was used to abrasive blast Lady Liberty. Following this success, Church & Dwight launched the ARMEX™ brand the first Sodium Bicarbonate blasting abrasive in 1989.

Today ARMEX™ has twelve task specific formulations that can be used for both dry and wet blasting in contained cabinets or portable blast pots.

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Re-Man XL Sell Sheet Cover
In remanufacturing and rebuilding of engines, transmissions and any other components that can be rebuilt or remanufactured are highly dependent on cleaning products with thorough and dependable results. Before anything else can be done to the cores or components being rebuilt or remanufactured, it needs to be cleaned and inspected for defects. ARMEX has answered the problem of ineffective and time consuming cleaning processes with the introduction of Re-Man XL, the first abrasive blasting media specifically formulated for the remanufacturing and rebuilding industry.

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