Restoration Applications

Restoration Applications

The origins of ARMEX are from the world of restoration. Back in the 1980’s during the mammoth restoration project of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor ARMEX was first used to abrasive blast the interior of the Miss Liberty. Whether you are trying to remove decades of environmental contamination, fire damage, mold damage, graffiti or historic preservation ARMEX is your only choice when you need to preserver surfaces and substrates. Learn more about Restoration projects using ARMEX.

Restoration Cleaning Trail Summaries
Cleaning Description
Burned painted surfaces and concrete
Monument, bronze statue, marble base with green patina, rust stains and graffiti
Masonry, brick, block, metal, etc
70 yr old vauted, wood-lath barrel fir ceiling and trusses
Indiana Limestone with granite trim and decorative leaden spandrels