ARMEX Maintenance Formula

Re-Man XL

For use in contained blast cabinets for cleaning of engines and transmissions cores, turbos and/or any other components.

Heavy duty cleaning and removal of grease, oils, burnt-on carbon, light rust, gasket materials, coatings and grime. ARMEX has answered the problem of ineffective and time-consuming cleaning processes with the introduction of Re-Man XL, the first abrasive blasting media specifically formulated for the remanufacturing and rebuilding industry.

Re-Man XL
High humidity environments or poor quality air supply
Micron Size
Flow Aid2
Value Plus
Valued Priced
1Grit - Represents the approximate relative particle size according to CAMI.
2Flow Aid - Flow aid number refers to ARMEX resistance to moisture vs. regular baking soda. A number 2 represents twice the resistance to moisture than regular baking soda and 8 represents eight times more resistant to moisture than regular baking soda.
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