ARMEX Manufacturing Applications

Manufacturing & Industrial Applications

Manufacturers throughout the world rely on ARMEX for non-destructive cleaning all while reducing costs and increasing workplace safety. Whether you’re cleaning manufacturing equipment, conveyors, production molds, fin fans, work areas, motors or sensitive equipment ARMEX is your only choice. Manufacturers throughout the world rely on ARMEX Soda Blasting media for non-destructive cleaning of parts, while reducing costs, improving performance and increasing workplace safety. Learn how to improve you cleaning process using ARMEX.

Manufacturing Cleaning Trail Summaries
Cleaning Description
Aluminum plate, pegs, and steel pins
Stainless steel process tank, 36' diameter, 40' tall with plastic residue
ten titanium laser sintered disks and ten titanium laser sintered plugs used in medical implants
Two-part cast iron glass bottle mold
Copper/brass and composite laminate RF component
Industrial heat exchanger tubes with process residues
Titanium laser sintered disks and plugs
Aluminum 6061-T651 with Nibore coating mold
Polycarbonate and/or abs plastic football helmets
Copper/plastic lead-frames
Stainless steel/titanium panels
Cast aluminum and steel molds covered in mold release and resins
Copper/stainless steel adjustable bracket
Parts trays and holdown fixtures with epoxy paint overspray
Steel connector with a steel cap