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When cleaning or restoring parts, surfaces or substrates that cannot have base materials removed or specifications and surface tolerances change the only blasting abrasive to use is ARMEX™. Other hard blasting abrasives can remove surface materials from parts and substrates damaging and changing the specifications along with surface tolerances permanently damaging what you are trying to clean or restore.

The gentle physical propriety of baking soda but yet aggressive cleaning ability is what makes ARMEX™ the only choice. ARMEX™ is also environmentally-friendly and soluble. Use ARMEX™ to clean, degrease, remove contaminants, burnt on carbon, paint, fire damage and mold remediation from a wide variety of substrates including steel, lead, aluminum, alloys, plastics, rubbers, composites and masonry materials.

When cleaning delicate aerospace components from landing gear to engines, ARMEX is the only choice.
Anilox Roll Cleaning
ARMEX Anilox Roll Cleaning formula is the only blasting media specially designed for cleaning Anilox Rolls.
Food and Beverage
ARMEX offers the best solution for cleaning and decontamination in food and beverage facilities. The gentle physical propriety of baking soda but aggressive cleaning ability is what makes ARMEX the only choice.
Manufacturers rely on ARMEX for non-destructive cleaning all while reducing costs and increasing workplace safety. Whether you're cleaning manufacturing equipment, conveyors, production molds, fin fans, work areas, motors or sensitive equipment ARMEX is your only choice.
Whether you need to remove antifouling paint and polyurethanes, or grime, grease and other surface contaminates, ARMEX is your best choice when surface preservation is required.
Cleaning mining is no easy task, but ARMEX makes it a little easier to handle.
Paint Removal
ARMEX is the only abrasive solution for delicate paint removal from steel, aluminum, composite materials, wood, masonry and other substrates that cannot be damaged.
The non-thermal sparking properties of ARMEX cleans surface contaminants without damaging the underlying substrate.
Pulp & Paper
Use ARMEX to remove pulp residue, pitch, lime, scale, surface corrosion, paint, grease, machine oil and more.
Whether you are trying to remove decades of environmental contamination, fire damage, mold damage, graffiti or historic preservation, ARMEX is your only choice.
When cleaning engines, transmissions, suspension or brake parts and any other parts on cars, trucks, buses or trains, ARMEX is the only choice.