When Non-Destructive Cleaning is Critical!

HydroFlex™ XL

Heavy duty cleaning, carbon, grease and oil removal, animal, vegetable or petrochemical

Designed specifically for use with pressure washers and associated injection systems. HydroFlex combines our largest crystals and standard moisture control system with our patented grease and oil removal technology which encapsulates soils lifting them from the surface so they are completely removed during rinsing. May also be effectively used in air driven systems.

Stainless steel coated with grease Cleaned with 3000 psi (204 bar) water; residue remains

Water Test Beads Up

Cleaned with 3000 psi (204 bar) water & ARMEX HydroFlex® Formula XL

Water Test Runs Off


Value Plus: Contains dual acting surfactants activated when operating with water or during rinsing
Micron Size: 270
Grit: 70
Flow Aid: 2
Safety Data Sheet: View SDS
Technical Data Sheets: 
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