When Non-Destructive Cleaning is Critical!

What is the cost per square foot for ARMEX soda blasting media?

Production rates are dependent on a number of variables, the coating or contamination to be removed, its thickness, the nature of the surface material being treated, the complexity of that surface, the abrasive chosen, the nozzle size and configuration, the air supply available to support the operating blast pressure and the skill of the operator.  Because of all of these contributing factors, strip rates vary greatly depending upon the application variables. It is strongly recommended that a representative test area be striped in order to project media use and cost. Keep in mind that most soda systems are designed to run much leaner than conventional sand blast pots.
ARMEX is sold only through a network of authorized distributors worldwide. Prices will vary according to formula selected and volume purchased.  For a sales representative in your area, click here.
The same variables exist for applications being done in cabinet systems.  Keep in mind however, that due to the friability and inherent softness of the ARMEX particle, increasing blast pressures for aggressive removal of coatings or contaminants can greatly improve production rates without increasing the risk of damage.  This cannot be said of other grits.