Remanufacturing Stainless Steel Transmission Plates with Soda Blast Media (19-B-138)

Customer was looking to improve their cleaning performance, reduce rework and reject rate and reduce their cleaning costs.

Cleaning Trial Type
Abrasive Cleaning
Stainless Steel
Description of Part(s)
Stainless Steel Transmission Plates
Machine Used
Dry Blast Cabinet
Type of Blasting
Post Cleaning
Fresh water rinse and air pressure dried
Baked on Carbon, Glue/Adhesive, Grease, Oil, Rust/Oxides
The ArmaKleen Technical Center recommends using ARMEX™ Blast Media – Flow Formula XL with a #4 Performance Nozzle at a blasting pressure 60 psi for the cleaning of oil, glue/adhesives, grime, cutting fluids, grease, baked on carbon, rust/oxides and gasket coating.
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