ARMEX Soda Blasting Equipment Options

ARMEX can be used in any commercially available soda blasting equipment. Currently there are a number of equipment manufacturers in the U.S., Canada and Europe. There are portable systems, contained cabinet and automated cabinet systems available. Pressurized delivery systems are preferred although some suction blast systems may be adequate depending on the application.

For best results we recommend the systems sold by the ARMEX Authorized Distributor Network. All of the ARMEX distributors carry both compressed air delivery equipment and pressure washer injection attachments. Some distributors have rental equipment as well.

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Portable System Configuration

Portable System Configuration Diagram

  1. Air supply adequate CFM for nozzle size and desired blast pressure
  2. After cooler*
  3. Moisture separator*
  4. ARMEX® Blast Media
  5. Blast pot, hose and nozzle
  6. Personal protection equipment

*Optional depending on air quality

Contained System Configuration

Contained System Configuration Diagram

  1. Airfed Delivery System and ARMEX®
  2. Blast Nozzle
  3. Cyclone Waste Disposal up to 99%
  4. Waste Collection
  5. Fine Dust Collector
  6. Air Supply (Not Pictured)