When Non-Destructive Cleaning is Critical!

Portable Systems

Case Studies with portable soda-blasters

ARMEX is used in portable blast applications for large projects where the equipment is brought to the work site or piece.

Coating/ Containment
ARMEX Formula
Food Processing
Hot melt seal glue residue
Packaging equipment and floors
Food Processing
Vegetable oil resisues
Galvanized steel production line exhaust fan system
Historic Preservation
Lead paint
Terra cotta and red brick
Historic Preservation
70 yr old vauted, wood-lath barrel fir ceiling and trusses
Historic Preservation
Chewing gum, grime and graffiti
Arizona sandstone walkways
Historic Preservation
125 year old wood finish
23,000 sq feet ornate wood ceiling
Epoxy paint overspray
Parts trays and holdown fixtures
Atmospheric fallout from rain and stack emissions
Aluminum jacketed piping
Plastic residue
Stainless steel process tank,36' diameter, 40' tall
Process residues
Industrial heat exchanger tubes