When Non-Destructive Cleaning is Critical!

Can I use ARMEX blasting media in the blast pot or cabinet I already own?

Blast Pots - It is highly recommended that equipment manufactured specifically for baking soda blasting be used in order to achieve optimum results.   Even though conventional sand blast systems may be used, performance and economy will be compromised.  Pressure systems will generally work better than suction systems. It is imperative that the volume of air available is appropriate for the size of the nozzle you are using and the blast pressure at which you want to operate.  The larger the nozzle the more volume of air is required.  Volume should not be confused with Pressure or psi available.  Nozzle configuration can also impact performance.  See "What kind of nozzle do I need?"
Cabinet Systems  - are usually designed to recycle abrasives. ARMEX, however cannot be recycled as it is extremely friable and breaks down upon impact at any pressure. There are two consequences of this action that are addressed in a soda cabinet that are not addressed in conventional recycle cabinets. First of all, due to the dust created while blasting the visibility in the glove box may be greatly reduced. Cabinets designed for soda have addressed this issue drawing air across the view glass in order to improve visibility.  Secondly, cyclone recycling systems are designed to capture and clean reusable media and feed it back into the blast stream.  ARMEX being completely pulverized at any pressure, upon impact, will bypass this type of cyclone and all the dust and debris will continue on to fill the dust collector prematurely.  In a cabinet system designed for soda, the cyclone drops out most of the debris, waste and spent media, up to 99%, into a drum or other receptacle and only the very fine particulate goes to the dust collector.  In this way the dust collector is preserved for longer use. The drummed waste if tested as a non-hazardous industrial waste can then be easily hauled away to a sanitary landfill. These are two good reasons to invest in a dedicated soda cabinet system rather than try to use or retrofit a recycling cabinet.