When Non-Destructive Cleaning is Critical!

Can I recycle or re-use ARMEX?

No. You cannot recycle ARMEX. It is considered a one-pass media. Unlike other abrasives ARMEX is extremely friable meaning that it fractures into much smaller particles upon impact. This not only results in a more intense cleaning action and softens the impact on substrates, but also transforms the particle to a fine dust no longer suitable for coatings removal.

Using ARMEX with the right equipment maximizes cleaning efficiencies and minimizes media use, often providing greater productivity because concern for surface damage even at high pressures is minimal. For this reason users have found the ARMEX process to be either more, or as cost effective as other abrasive processes.

In contrast, higher priced recyclable abrasives like plastic or glass bead, will degenerate at blast pressures over 45 psi reducing their recyclability, though their cost remains much higher. Increasing blast pressure with these media therefore not only increase cost but also increases the risk for surface damage