When Non-Destructive Cleaning is Critical!

Soda Blasting Copper and Steel Brackets (18-B-145)

Customer was looking to improve their cleaning performance, automate their cleaning process and reduce their cleaning costs.
18-B-145 before
18-B-145 after
Cleaning Trial Type
Abrasive Cleaning
Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
Grease, Rust/Oxides
Description of Part(s)
Copper/stainless steel adjustable bracket
Media Used
Machine Used
Dry Blast Cabinet
Post Cleaning
De-ionized water rinse and air pressure dried Part placed in an oven at 220°F for 1 hour to dry any remaining moisture
Recommendation to Customer
ARMEX™ Maintenance Formula– with a #4 Performance Nozzle at 60 psi blasting pressure in a Dry Blast Cabinet.