When Non-Destructive Cleaning is Critical!

Contained Systems

Case studies with contained soda-blasters

ARMEX is used in contained applications where the work piece is brought to the equipment and where dust evacuation systems are employed in either, glove box cabinets, modular units or blast rooms, depending on the size of the work piece.

Coating/ Containment
ARMEX Formula
Aerospace Remanufacturing
Powder coat paint
Nickel and copper plated aluminum
Grime and oxidation
Galvanized steel panels
Engine Remanufacturing
Oil, grime, rust/oxides
Aluminum head and shafts
Engine Remanufacturing
Oil, dirt, antifreeze residue
Aluminum head
Engine Remanufacturing
Ranbar core plate varnish
4 ft diameter ring thin steel plate
Aerospace Remanufacturing
Dirt, oil, rime grease and Miccrostop Lacquer Paint
Stainless steel housing
Aerospace Remanufacturing
Carbon fiber and plastic composite
Engine Remanufacturing
Grime, rust/oxides and carbon
Aluminum and iron/steel
Marine - Navy
Torpedo munitions strip and recoat - polyurethane, epoxy, and powder coating
Anodized cast aluminum
Mold release and resins
Cast aluminum and steel molds